2011 SAR Missions

Date County Mission Age / Sex Description Results
11/13/2011 Polk Recovery 32 / Male Elk hunter shot by accident Body Recovered
11/01/2011 Douglas Missing Person 71 / Male Hunter - Twin Lakes area Still Missing
10/18/2011 Linn Missing Person 27 / Male Elk hunter lost on Moose Mountain Rescued
10/15/2011 Benton Missing Person 26 / Male Mushroom picker Rescued
10/11/2011 Clackamas Missing Person 47 / Female Car found parked at Mt. Hood National Forest Found Deceased
10/06/2011 Linn Missing Person 56/Male Father of murder suspect found Homicide
10/04/2011 Benton Evidence Search 19 / Male Car was highjacked, found on Marys Peak Road Homicide
9/23/2011 Benton Missing Person 21 / Male Body found by land owners on Hurlburt Road Homicide
9/21/2011 Benton Evidence Search N/A Report of persons unloading a black plastic bag the size of a body out of a car's trunk Nothing Found
9/15/2011 Linn Missing Person 45 / Male Car found at Foster Lake Suicide
9/04/2011 Benton Water Rescue Male Swimmer needed help out of water Rescued
8/19/2011 Benton Water Rescue Male Boaters flipped and lost paddles. Camped out and called for help the next day Rescued
8/15/2011 Benton Missing Person   Lost child found before search started Found Safe
8/11/2011 Linn Missing Person 49 / Male Car was left by Calapooia River Still Missing
7/30/2011 Benton Water Rescue Male Capsized kayak on Santiam River Rescued
7/30/2011 Benton Water Rescue Female Floater became scared, marine deputies gave her a ride to boat ramp Found Safe
7/28/2011 Benton Evidence Search N/A Item thrown in bushes after traffic stop on hwy 99W Nothing Found
7/20/2011 Benton Evidence Search N/A Gun thrown into bushes at a residence in Lewisburg Found
7/18/2011 Yakima Missing Persons   Two hikers missing on Mt. Adams Rescued
7/03/2011 Lincoln Missing Person 80/Female Walked away from car wreck on Harland Road. Found Safe
7/02/2011 Benton Missing Person Female Overdue kayakers walked out on own at Marys River bridge on Hwy 20   Found Safe
6/19/2011 Lane Missing Person 53/Female Hunting for truffles, car and dog found at Cummings Ridge Trail Still Missing
6/17/2011 Benton Missing Person Male Man with Alzheimer's walked away from home Found Safe
6/17/2011 Benton Water Rescue Male Dog was caught in a downed tree in the river and owner was trying to rescue. Both pulled onto marine boat and returned to shore Rescued
6/13/2011 Marion Missing Person 23/Male Lost hiker on Mt. Jefferson Rescued
4/02/2011 Linn Missing Person 48/Female 2nd search for her body Still Missing
2/21/2011 Clackamas Missing Person 27/Male Missing snow boarder on Mt. Hood Found Deceased
2/18/2011 Siskiyou Missing Person 23/Male Missing snow boarder on Mt. Shasta Found Deceased
2/17/2011 Wasco Missing Person 53/Male Mentally challenged male walked away from home. Found Safe
1/20/2011 Linn Missing Person 48/Female Homicide victim dumped in the river above Detroit Lake. Still Missing
1/02/2011 Benton Water Rescue Male Willamette River near Kiger Island, broken down boat w/5 people on board Rescued

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