2013 SAR Missions

Date County Mission Age / Sex Description Results
12/11/13 Benton Rescue Transport N/A Vehicle transportation for doctors and non-emergency patients during snow event. 47 total Delivered Safe
11/25/13 Benton / CPD Missing Person 56 / Male Dementia patient new to the Corvallis area found in Junction City. Found Safe
11/25/13 Lane Missing Person 83 / Male Missing dementia patient found safe in a closet of his facility. Found Safe
11/10/13 Lincoln Missing Person 66 / Male Hunter with dementia was confused about where he parked his car and unfamiliar with the area. Found Safe
11/04/13 Benton Missing Person 64 / Male Wife not able to contact husband with medical condition working in Virginia. Concerned citizen found him partially clothed. Found Safe
11/02/13 Benton Missing Person 88 / Female Became disoriented walking in her neighborhood feeding stray cats. Found Safe
10/25/13 Polk Missing Person 41 / Male His vehicle was located at Mill Creek Park.  We walked out on his own Found Safe
10/06/13 Benton Evidence Search N/A Find missing items from a car burglary at Alsea Falls Nothing Found
09/02/13 Benton Missing Person 26/Female Located and returned to sister who will get her some help. Found Safe
08/30/13 Benton Missing Person 77/Male Located with family members later on same day in Salem. Found Safe
08/05/13 Benton Water Rescue 42/M, 43, 47/F Misjudged how long it takes to float from Corvallis to Hyak Park. Called for help when it got dark, cold and late. Rescued
08/02/13 Linn Water Rescue 19/Male Search Green Peter Reservoir for male who fell off a cliff into the water. Found Deceased
07/30/13 Benton Water Rescue 33/Female Kayaker could not paddle against the current so decided to go with it until help came. Rescued
07/28/13 Benton Missing Persons 39/Male, 47/Female Floaters separated on the river. Two of them exited the river and were found walking down the Hwy. Found Safe
07/27/13 Benton Missing Persons N/A Eight hikers at Alsea Falls took a wrong turn but were able to walk out on their own. Found Safe
07/21/13 Benton Water Rescue 8/Male Kayak capsized in fast moving water. Marine Deputy pulled him on to his boat and returned him to his family Rescued
07/20/13 Linn Land Rescue 64/Male Climber fell and landed in a crevasse on Mt. Jefferson. Mountain Rescue and the National Guard lifted him out Rescued
07/13/13 Benton Water Rescue 29, 31/Females

Fell off raft and clinging to a branch in the river. Marine Deputy's pulled them to safety.

06/23/13 Clackamas Missing Person 59/Male Lost climber on Mt. Hood. Found Deceased
06/07/13 Benton Lost Person 62/Female Hiking on Mary's Peak and called 911 to say she was lost but eventually found her way back to the car Safe
05/26/13 Benton Missing Person 12/Male Mother reported son missing but he was just riding his bike in the park and returned home. Found Safe
05/24/13 Polk Missing Person 31/Male Women reported her boyfriend did not come home. Located by a friend on Bald Mountain. Found Deceased
05/20/13 Benton Beacon Search N/A Beacon going off in S. Corvallis Found
05/11/13 Benton Missing Person ?/Male Mountain biking on Marys Peak separated from group Found Safe
05/11/13 Benton Crisis Support N/A Crisis support team activated to counsel SAR members who recovered a body. Complete
05/11/13 Linn Recovery 21/Male Drowned at Blue Pool after diving into the water. Recovered
05/09/13 Polk Missing Person ?/Male Missing Logger Found Safe
04/29/13 Benton Missing Person 6/Female Found in her house sleeping in a corner Found Safe
03/30/13 Clackamas Missing Person 23/Female Lost hiker on Mt. Hood. She spent 7 days on the mountain until she was found.  Found Alive
03/19/13 Benton Missing Person 13/Male Mother reported son missing but he just got on the wrong school bus. Found Safe
03/18/13 Benton Missing Persons 21/Female, 27/Male Called dispatch to report they were lost in McDonald Forest. Found Safe
03/05/13 Benton Rescue N/A 3 adults and 2 small children in multiple vehicles stuck in snow on Marys Peak. Rescued
02/08/13 Benton Evidence Search N/A Tracking Unit called to track direction of travel robber fled the market Tracks found
01/30/13 Hawaii Missing Person 47/Male Benton County resident lost while hiking in Hawaii Found Safe
01/26/13 Benton Missing Person 32/Male Hiker lost in McDonald forest Found Safe

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