2015 SAR Missions


Date County Mission Age / Sex Description Results
12/10/15 Linn Lost Person 38/Male Became lost while picking mushrooms Found Safe
12/07/15 Lincoln Missing Person 15/Male Autistic boy run away from new foster home. Found Safe
11/30/15 Marion Rescue

29/Female, 32/Male

Male climber fell while climbing Mt. Jefferson

1 deceased

1 rescued

11/29/15 Benton Missing Person 68 / Male Wife reported husband missing when he didn't return home after going out to breakfast.  Located in a club intoxicated Found Safe
11/21/15 Benton Missing Person 9 / Male Found at a friends house Found Safe
11/14/15 Benton Lost Person 60 / Female Became lost while mushroom picking Found Safe
11/12/15 Benton Lost Person 46 / Male Got turned around on the trails Found Safe
10/13/15 Benton Rescue 19 / Male Lost while picking mushrooms Found Safe
10/12/15 Linn Rescue 20 / Female Fell while climbing Mt. Washington Rescued
9/21/15 Linn Body Recovery 22 / Male Fell off a cliff while climbing 3 Finger Jack Deceased
9/14/15 Linn Body Recovery 61 / Male Fell off a cliff while on a camping trip near Gordon Meadows Deceased
9/10/15 Benton Lost Bikers 24/26 Female Became separated from their group and called 911 which provided  gps coordinates. Found
8/23/15 Hood River Missing Person 75 / Male Lost hiker at Laurence Lake Rescued
8/22/15 Linn Rescue 30 / Male Injured climber from 7100' on Mt. Washington. Rescued
7/31/15 Benton Water Rescue

17 & 21 / Female

20 & 25 / Male

Got stranded while paddle boating Rescued
7/19/15 Linn Rescue 47 / Male Climber fell approx. 35' and fractured his leg. Rescued
7/9/15 Benton Evidence Search N/A Received a tip that some high-end bicycles that were stolen were hidden on the property in an underground bunker. Found empty bunker. Located
7/9/15 Linn Rescue 50 / Female  Horseback rider and horse fell in a hole when trail gave way. Minor injuries to both. Rescued
7/3/15 Linn Missing Person 39 / Male Fell of water flotation device and went underwater. Drowned
06/21/15 Polk Missing Person 67 / Male Search for a missing suicidal man. Found deceased
05/07/15 Benton Water Recovery NA Man drove vehicle into river in suicide attempt. Marine Patrol checked to see that no other injured or deceased were inside. No one inside
04/24/15 Linn Locate NA Assisted Linn County to locate a downed airplane Found
04/12/15 Linn Rescue turned Recovery 52 / Male Hiker falls while taking pictures at Tamolich Pool (also known as Blue Pool) Body recovered

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