2016 SAR Missions



2010 - 21 missions
2011 - 31 missions
2012 - 47 missions
2013 - 34 missions
2014 - 38 missions
2015 - 23 missions
2016 - 19 missions


Date County Mission Age / Sex Description Results
11/02/2016 Benton Missing Person 15/M Called out to assist CPD locate a runaway. Found
10/31/2016 Linn Missing Person 58/M Got lost while picking Mushrooms Found
10/23/2016 Polk Missing Person 26/F Mushroom picker became separated from her friends. Found
09/11/2016 Benton Missing Person 15/M Found by a Deputy in a siblings bedroom Found
08/9/2016 Benton Missing Person 46/M Intoxicated boyfriend left home after an argument. Girlfriend couldn't find anywhere.  He returned the following day on his own. Home again
08/3/2016 Benton Missing Person 6/M Ran away and found next door at the County Fair having fun. Found
08/1/2016 Marion Missing Person 21/M Hiking in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness area Missing
07/12/2016 Linn Water Rescue 36/M Stranded on the river for 3 days without food or water Rescued
07/2/2016 Linn Missing Person  15/M A snow boarder fell in a hole on Mt Washington.. Deceased
06/27/2016 Linn Missing Person 75/M Hiking around Marion Lake Missing
06/17/2016 Benton


30/F Kayak seen empty floating down river. Female found clinging to a log. Rescued
05/14/2016 Benton Missing Person 82/M Did not return home after going for a walk. Found
05/14/2016 Benton Missing Person 14/F Father woke to find his daughter missing.  She snuck out of the house at bedtime and picked up by an acquaintance. Found
05/04/2016 Polk Missing Person 23/F Female quit taking her meds. Suicide
05/03/2016 Benton Missing Children 3, 6 / F Brother babysitting sisters noticed they were no longer in the house.  Found walking down street by passerby and taken to the Law Enforcement Center Found
05/01/2016 Linn Land Rescue 37/M Jumped into Tamolitch Falls and was injured. Air lift by NG to hospital Rescued
04/05/2016 Benton Missing Person 60/M Left home for doctors appt. and never returned. Found 9 days later. Found
01/16/2016 Benton Evidence NA Search for evidence at murder scene in Shari's Prk lot Found
01/10/2016 Benton Land Rescue 63/M 64/F Couple stuck in the snow on top of Mary's Peak Rescued

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