2018 SAR Missions

2010 - 21 missions
2011 - 31 missions
2012 - 47 missions
2013 - 34 missions
2014 - 38 missions
2015 - 23 missions
2016 - 19 missions
2017 - 26 missions
2018 - 18 missions

Date County Mission Age / Sex Description Results
12/5/18 Grant Missing 38/M Failed to return from a hike on Mt. Vernon Deceased
10/26/18 Benton Rescue 29/M, 27/M Logging accident in Alsea, 1 deceased, 1 injured rescued  Rescued
10/26/18 Linn Missing M Hunter went missing in the Camp Morrison, Scio area Rescued
10/12/18 Lane Search 80/M Man with dementia walked away from his home in Marcola. Found Safe
9/30/18 Benton Rescue ?/M Lost in the woods and vehicle stuck in the mud  Rescued
9/23/18 Wallowa Rescue 67/F Hiker vacationing at Red's Horse Ranch with on a hike and didn't return.  Located by NG and hoisted up by a CMRU member.  Rescued
8/27/18 Benton Rescue 35/G Horse fell down in a creek bed and couldn't get up.  Sheriff's Mounted Posse came to the rescue.  Some minor injuries but the gelding is OK. Rescued
8/10/18 Jefferson Rescue 55/M Hiker on Mt. Jefferson became weak and dehydrated.  He called for help 2 days after he was out of water. Rescued
7/27/18 Douglas Rescue 37/F Injured Hiker Rescued
7/5/18 Marion Rescue 18/M Swimmer fell  off the cliff and became stuck on a rock ledge. Rescued
7/5/18 Linn Evidence N/A K9 search in backyard of residence with a foul-smelling container. No human remains detected. Complete
7/2/18 Marion Rescue Unk Medical mission into Jefferson Park Rescued
6/5/18 Marion Rescue



Hikers were unable to walk out on their own due to health problems.  CMRU and NG hoisted them to safety Rescued
5/24/18 Benton Evidence NA Search the scene of a murder in Blodgett complete
03/26/18 Benton Missing 65/M Client with dementia wondered away from home Found Safe
03/15/18 Benton Lost 31/M Called 911 on cell phone saying he couldn't find his way out of the woods Located


Benton Evidence NA Search for clues after stolen car crash victims ran and stole another vehicle. Tracks found
2/4/2018 Marion Rescue 21/M Injured Hiker Rescued


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Search and Rescue (SAR) is an all volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to providing search and rescue assistance for people who are lost, missing or injured out of doors.

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