2019 - SAR Missions


2010 - 21 missions
2011 - 31 missions
2012 - 47 missions
2013 - 34 missions
2014 - 38 missions
2015 - 23 missions
2016 - 19 missions
2017 - 26 missions
2018 - 18 missions
2019 - 17 missions

Date County Mission Age / Sex Description Results
01/07/19 Benton Missing Person 66/F Truck skid on ice and went into the Willamette river.  The victim was not in the truck when it was brought up out of the water.  Located days later downstream. Body & Truck Recovered
01/21/19 Benton Rescue 77/M Car traveling at a high rate of speed, hit a tree, then went into the Willamette River by HP. Victim may have had a medical event. Body & Car Recovered
03/01/19 Deschutes Missing 36/M Driving on off-road and became stuck in the snow for 5 days. Found by a snowmobile rider passing by. Rescued
03/13/19 Benton Rescue UNK Hiker at Alsea Falls broke their ankle and needed assistance to get out. Rescued
03/16/19 Linn Rescue UNK Injured person at Blue Pool needing help out Rescued
03/16/19 Benton Rescue UNK So people were stranded, took ATV's to rescue them, but got to them as they were walking out.   Found Safe
04/07/19 Benton Rescue 20,19/F Lost on Mary's peak by going around a locked gate Found Safe
04/10/19 Benton Rescue Male Drove dump truck thru flood water and became stranded Rescued
06/21/19 Benton Missing 18/M Male with autism went on longer hike then expected. Call dad to pick him up.  Found Safe
06/23/19 Benton Missing 80/M Man with Dementia walked away from his care facility Found Safe
07/09/19 Polk Missing 67/F Dementia patient walked away from facilities. Found Safe
07/23/19 Linn Rescue 24/M Did a back flip on the cliff at Blue Pool, hurt back and had to be lifted out by NG with CMRU's help Rescued
8/9/19 Benton Recovery 59/M Skid Steer a road worker was using malfunctioned and roll down a steep slope. Deceased
8/28/19 Polk Missing 59/M Man from CA visiting relatives was reported missing by brother. He left his brother's house in the evening to walk to his trailer but wasn't there in the morning. Found Safe
9/3/19 Marion Recovery   In 2016 Hiker intended to be an overnight hike on Mt. Jefferson but didn't return. Wasn't found until 2019 Body Recovered
11/22/19 Lane Rescue   CMRU assisted NG for a overdue hunter Found
11/28/19 Benton Rescue 28/M Pulled out stranded motorist on Flat mountain out of snow Rescued


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Search and Rescue (SAR) is an all volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to providing search and rescue assistance for people who are lost, missing or injured out of doors.

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