How Sex Offender Community Notification Works in Benton County

Only sex offenders designated as “predatory” are listed on the Sex Offender Community Notification web page. (We have also included notification of individuals under the jurisdiction of the Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision who meet the criteria for community notification, but who have not been designated by the Board as “predatory.”)

Predatory Sex Offender Designation

According to Oregon law, any person who has been convicted of Rape in any degree, Sodomy in any degree, Unlawful Sexual Penetration in any degree, Sexual Abuse in any degree, or any attempt to commit one of these crimes may be designated as “predatory.”

A “predatory” offender is someone who exhibits characteristics showing a tendency to victimize or injure others. To determine whether a person is “predatory” we use the Static 99 risk assessment tool approved by the Oregon Department of Corrections.  At least four indicators must be present on the risk assessment tool to designate someone as “predatory.” Indicators include history of sexual offenses, convictions for non-sexual violence, four or more sentencing dates on the criminal record, being single, having a male victim, having an unrelated victim, and being between the ages of 18 and 25-years-old.

A “predatory” sex offender designation is a life-long designation. If someone is placed on the Benton County Sex Offender Community Notification web page, they will remain there the entire time they are supervised by the Benton County Sheriff’s Office.

Due to the Oregon Supreme Court decision in V.L.Y. vs. Board of Parole, 338 OR 44 (2005) the Oregon Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision has ceased making the “predatory” designation of sex offenders (ORS 181.585). Until this case is resolved, Benton County Community Corrections has made some changes to our website. Individuals who were previously designated as “predatory” will still appear as such on the Benton County Sex Offender Community Notification web page.

Community Notification

Once a sex offender has been designated as being “predatory,” they are placed on the Benton County Sex Offender Community Notification web page and a plan for community notification is developed.

In Benton County, this responsibility is shared by the Sex Offender Community Notification Committee. The Committee consists of the offender’s Parole & Probation Officer (PO), a sex offender therapist, and representatives from the District Attorney’s Office, Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division, Corvallis Police Department, and Services to Children and Families. The committee meets regularly to discuss cases and decide the level of community notification that should be implemented. In addition to being noticed on our website, common types of notification include alerting local law enforcement, placing an ad in the local newspaper, and going door-to-door to the schools, agencies and homes in the area where the “predatory” sex offender is residing.

Who Is Not Included in Community Notification?

Not all sex offenders appear on the Sex Offender Community Notification web page. Examples include those sex offenders who have not yet been convicted or sentenced, those who are being supervised in jurisdictions other than Benton County, and those who have not been deemed “predatory.”

Additionally, once “predatory” sex offenders have completed their period of probation or parole and are no longer under our supervision, responsibility for any further notification transfers to the Oregon State Police.