Jail - Deciphering Inmate Report Codes

Our Benton County Jail inmate custody reports often use abbreviations or codes that may be unfamiliar to you. The tables below indicate the Arresting Agency Codes, Offense Codes, and Release Type Codes most frequently encountered in the reports.

Arresting Agency Codes

Abbrev. Agency Name
ALP Albany Police Department
ALS Linn County Sheriff's Office
CVS Benton County Sheriff's Office
CVP Corvallis Police Department
PHP Philomath Police Department
OSU Oregon State Police - Oregon State University Campus Division
OSP Oregon State Police
--- Other codes may be used when persons are temporarily held for extradition.

Release Codes

Abbrev. Release Code Definition
BAIL Paid cash bail
CITE Cited and released
COURT Released by order of the court
DISCH Discharged - the matter will not be pursued by prosecutor
DISMISSED Case Dismissed
EXTRADITED Extradited by another jurisdiction
MATRIX When the jail is at capacity a "scoring matrix" is used to determine best candidate for release.
ROR Release On Recognizance (promise to appear in court)
SECURITY Paid a percentage (10%) of security bail
SERVED Sentence Served
STATE Transferred to State Prison to serve sentence
TRANSFER Transferred to another jurisdiction

Offense Codes

Abbrev. Offense Code Definition
A Back Up
ANIM ABAND Abandonment of an animal
ARSON I Arson, first degree (most serious level)
ARSON II Arson, second degree
ASSA I Assault, first degree
ASSA II Assault, second degree
ASSA III Assault, third degree
ASSA IV Assault, fourth degree
ASSA IV DV Assault, fourth degree, domestic violence
ASSA OFFI Assault on a public safety officer
AT ELUDE Attempt to elude a police officer
B Back Up
BENCH Bench warrant (issued by a judge)
BURG I Burglary, first degree
BURG II Burglary, second degree
BURG TOOL Possession of burglar's tools
C Back Up
CARRY WEAP Carrying a concealed weapon
CHILD NEGL Child neglect
CITY ORD City ordinance violation
CON SX MIN Contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor
CONC FRARM Carrying a concealed firearm
CONC KNIFE Carrying an illegal concealed knife
CONSP Conspiracy
CONT COURT Contempt of court
CUST IN I Custodial interference, first degree
CUST IN II Custodial interference, second degree
D Back Up
DEL SCHOOL Delivery of controlled substance near a school
DEL BF AT Delivery of a controlled substance (attempted - B felony)
DEL SUB AF Delivery of a controlled substance (A felony)
DEL SUB BF Delivery of a controlled substance (B felony)
DEL SUB CF Delivery of a controlled substance (C felony)
DEP LI MAT Depositing lighted material
DISORDERLY Disorderly conduct
DRIV RECK Reckless driving
DISPLAY DL Failure to display driver's license
DRIV INTOX Driving while under the influence of intoxicants
DRIV S/R Driving with a suspended/revoked license

Drug Treatment Court (used to identify supervising court)

E Back Up
EMERG CALL Unlawful placing of emergency call
ENDAN MIN Endangerment of a minor
ESCAPE I Escape, first degree
ESCAPE II Escape, second degree
F Back Up
FA COMPLY Failure to comply with a court order
FAIL AP I Failure to appear, first degree - (most serious)
FAIL AP II Failure to appear, second degree
FAIL FINE Failure to pay a fine
FALSE IN OFF False information to a police officer
FELN FRARM Felony possession of a firearm
FORG I Forgery, first degree
FORG II Forgery, second degree
FORG IN I Possession of a forged instrument, first degree
FORG IN II Possession of a forged instrument, second degree
FRD CRD CF Fraudulent use of a credit card (C Felony)
FREQ SUBS Frequenting a place where controlled substances are kept
FUGITIVE Fugitive, held for another jurisdiction
G Back Up
H Back Up
HARASS Harassment
HIND PROS Hindering prosecution
HND PRS AT Attempted hindering prosecution
HIT RUN AM Hit and run, class A misdemeanor
HIT RUN CF Hit and run, class C felony
I Back Up
IMPERS CF Impersonating a police officer (C felony)
INS HOLD Hold for Immigration and Naturalization Service
INT W POL Interfering with a police officer
INVALID DL Possession of an invalid drivers license
J Back Up
K Back Up
KID I Kidnapping, first degree
KID II Kidnapping, second degree
KID II AT Kidnapping, second degree (attempted)
L Back Up
LIAB INSUR Failure to possess liability insurance
LIQ MINOR Furnishing liquor to a minor
LIQ SALE Unlawful sale of liquor
LITTERING Unlawful littering
M Back Up
MANS I Manslaughter, first degree
MANS II Manslaughter, second degree
MAT WITNES Material witness
MISCH I Criminal mischief, first degree - (most serious level)
MISCH II Criminal mischief, second degree
MISCH III Criminal mischief, third degree
MISREP AGE Misrepresenting one's age
MISTREA I Criminal mistreatment, first degree
MISTREA II Criminal mistreatment, second degree
MISUSE ID Misuse of identification
N Back Up
NEG HOMI Criminally negligent homicide
NEG BAD AM Negotiating a bad check (A misdemeanor)
NEG BAD CF Negotiating a bad check (C felony)
NO OPER LI Failure to carry operator's license
NON SUPP Criminal non-support
O Back Up
OBSTR AT Obstruction of justice (attempted)
OBSTR GOV Obstruction of government
OPEN CONT Open container of alcoholic beverage in a vehicle
P Back Up
PARO VIOL Parole violation
POS SUB AM Possession of a controlled substance (A misdemeanor)
POS SUB BF Possession of a controlled substance (B felony)
POS SUB CF Possession of a controlled substance (C felony)
POS SUB OZ Possession of a controlled substance (less than an ounce)
PPS Post-Prison Supervision
PROB VIOL Probation violation
PTG F/ARM Pointing a firearm
PUB INDEC Public indecency
Q Back Up
R Back Up
RAPE I Rape, first degree (A felony)
RAPE II Rape, second degree (B felony)
RAPE III Rape, third degree (C felony)
RECK BURN Reckless burning
RECK ENDA Recklessly endangering another
REST ARR Resisting arrest
RESTRA ORD Violation of a restraining order
ROBB I Robbery, first degree (A felony)
ROBB II Robbery, second degree (B felony)
ROBB III Robbery, third degree (C felony)
S Back Up
SALE GUNS Illegal sale of a firearm
SEX AB I Sex Abuse, first degree
SEX AB II Sex Abuse, second degree
SEX AB III Sex Abuse, third degree
SEX PEN I Sexual penetration with a foreign object, first degree
SEX PEN II Sexual penetration with a foreign object, second degree
SODO I Sodomy, first degree - (most serious level)
SODO II Sodomy, second degree
SODO III Sodomy, third degree
T Back Up
TAMP EVID Tampering with evidence
TAMP WITN Tampering with a witness
TEL HARASS Telephonic harassment
THEFT AGGR Aggravated theft
THEFT DECE Theft by deception
THEFT RECE Theft by receiving
THEFT I Theft, first degree - (most serious level)
THEFT II Theft, second degree
THEFT III Theft, third degree
THF SERV Theft of services
TRES I Trespassing, first degree
TRES II Trespassing, second degree
U Back Up
UN DEPART Unlawful departure
UN ENT MV Unlawful entry to a motor vehicle
UN USE VEH Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle
UN USE WEA Unlawful use of a weapon
USE OTH LI Unlawful use of someone else's license
UNSPECIFIED Charges not specified by Lock & Track data base
V Back Up
VIO AGREE Violation of release agreement
W Back Up
WEAP XCON Ex-convict in possession of a weapon
X Back Up
Y Back Up
Z Back Up