Liquor License Endorsement - Business License

How do I apply for a new business license?

  • Determine the type of permit you need. Information and OLCC application forms are available on the Oregon Liquor Control Commission website.  
  • Complete the required OLCC License Application Packet.
  • If your business is in the unincorporated areas of Benton County, complete the Benton County Liquor License Endorsement Application and attach a copy of your OLCC documents.
  • Submit your completed application, documents, and fees to our office.

How do I renew my existing business license?

Liquor licenses must be renewed annually.

If you have a current license to sell liquor and your business is in the unincorporated area of Benton County, a notice of renewal will be sent to your business address. You will receive a notice from both the OLCC and our office and will need to submit documents to both locations. These letters are mailed every year in the spring.

When you receive your notice letters follow the directions in the letters. Our office requires that you complete the Benton County Liquor License Endorsement Application and submit it with a copy of your OLCC License Renewal Application and your renewal fees.

Make sure to complete and submit your documents and fees by the deadline stated in your renewal letter.

What if I have a change to my business information?

Once licensed, any change to your business information must be submitted through the OLCC and our office. Changes might include change in business name, change in ownership or co-ownership, new address, etc. You will need to specify the change when you submit your documents.

Complete the Benton County Liquor License Endorsement Application and attach a copy of the appropriate OLCC application.

Submit these documents with your change fees to our office. See below for details.

What county fees are required?

Fees for business licenses are:

  • $100 for new licenses
  • $75 for a change in an existing license
  • $35 for renewal licenses

When submitting fees, please make your check or money order out to “BCSO.”  At this time we are not accepting credit or debit cards for payment.

Where do I send my application and fees?

Submit your completed application and fees to:

Benton County Sheriff’s Office
ATTN: Liquor License
180 NW 5th Street
Corvallis, OR 97330

More information?

To learn more about the liquor license endorsement process read more.