Parole & Probation Programs

Community Supervision

Our office provides supervision to adult parole, post-prison, probation, and conditional discharge offenders residing in Benton County. Parole & Probation Officers perform random residence checks, conduct office visits, ensure offenders pay court-ordered financial obligations, conduct pre-sentence investigations and assessments of offender risk, monitor for substance abuse, and facilitate referrals to treatment and cognitive programming.  Resources and sanctions are prioritized for those offenders who are at the highest risk to re-offend.

Cognitive Rehabilitative Programming

Evidence-based cognitive behavioral programs, with the goal of helping offenders move toward positive change, are facilitated by specially trained Parole & Probation Officers. These programs are available to all supervised offenders, but primarily focus on high and medium-level risk offenders.

Drug Testing & Substance Abuse Treatment

Many offenders in Benton County have a problem with drugs and/or alcohol. Offenders under supervision with a history of substance abuse, or those believed to be involved in the use of controlled substances, are required to submit random urine samples for drug testing.  Outpatient substance abuse treatment for offenders is contracted with Milestones Treatment Program. Individuals are assessed and then referred to groups tailored to their particular stage of change, substance abuse history, and level of criminality.

Drug Treatment Court

The Drug Treatment Court program is a collaborative effort that provides offenders an opportunity to address their serious substance abuse issues in an intensely supervised environment.  Individuals who successfully complete Drug Treatment Court are diverted from incarceration in local jails or state prisons. Benton County’s Drug Treatment Court is nationally recognized as one of ten mentor courts in the country selected to assist other jurisdictions in developing and improving their Drug Court programs.

Sex Offender Supervision & Treatment

A Parole & Probation Officer with specialized sex offender training is assigned to the sex offender case load. This program provides specialized supervision, community notification, sex offender treatment, polygraph examinations, and accountability for individuals under supervision for sexually-related offenses. Sex offender treatment groups are cognitive-based programs designed to address thinking errors and thereby change behavior.

Transition Services

The Parole & Probation Division supervises the Transition Center, a highly structured, safe, drug- and alcohol-free living environment designed to house up to six indigent offenders. The goal of this program is to provide a safe, sober, clean shelter for temporarily homeless clients while they develop alternative housing, employment, and treatment resources in the community.

The “Reach In” Transition Program is designed to enhance public safety through effective transitioning of offenders from state prison and local custody back to the community.  Individuals incarcerated in Oregon Department of Corrections institutions, such as the Oregon State Penitentiary, are more successful in making long term and positive life change if they have targeted interaction with Parole & Probation prior to their release from prison.

Work Crew / Community Service

The Work Crew/Community Service program allows for the placement and monitoring of offenders ordered to perform work crew or community service as a condition of supervision. The program also provides alternative sanctions for offenders who violate their conditions of supervision. The work crew program operates through a partnership with the Benton County Natural Areas and Parks Department.