Benton County Sheriff's Office Patrol Deputies are the first responders to emergency and critical incidents. They identify criminal activity, effect arrests, initiate investigations, enforce traffic laws, respond to civil emergencies, and prepare cases for criminal prosecution.

Deputies patrol 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. They may also be called in to work on their day off or during their sleep period to report to Court or respond to large scale emergencies. Typically there are three to four Deputies on duty per shift. 

In addition to regular patrol, Deputies may be assigned to specialized duty such as our Forest Patrol, K-9 Patrol, Marine Patrol, or the School Resource Deputy program. They also provide support to the Animal Control Program Manager or may handle animal control calls when the program manager is off duty.

Animal Control

Benton County Sheriff's Office Animal Control is committed to promoting and protecting the welfare, health, and well being of both animals and people living in our community.

Forest Patrol on Marys Peak

Our Forest Patrol Deputy is on the lookout for criminal activity in both public and private forest lands. This could include theft of forest products, trespass, illegal garbage dumping, hazards during fire season, and drug activity.

Canines (K-9s) are an important tool for law enforcement. Their sense of smell is many times greater than that of a human. No machine in the world can match a K-9s scenting capabilities. With their noses, they can assist their handlers in locating hidden suspects and possible evidence left behind at the scene of a crime.

Marine Deputies patrol the public waterways from May through September each year ensuring everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience on our rivers.

Photo of child

The School Resource Deputy program is designed to get Sheriff's Office Deputies into the educational setting where they can build relationships with students and improve school safety.