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Deputy engaging with the community.

Commendable Action - Good Job!

At the Benton County Sheriff's Office we expect our employees and volunteers to provide Benton County residents with exceptional service. If you feel an individual has gone above and beyond the call of duty, we would appreciate your comments.  Use the Citizen's Comment Form to let us know about your experience with our personnel. Your report of commendable action will be added to the member's personnel file. Provide feedback...

Complaint - Opportunity for Improvement

Conversely, if you think we can do a better job, please let us know that too. Complaints brought against members of the Sheriff's Office will be treated seriously and investigated. Investigations into citizen complaints allow this Office to examine the service we provide our community and, if necessary, to make improvements in the way we provide services. Use the on-line Citizen's Comment Form to submit your complaint.

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