SAR Missions


2010 - 21 missions
2011 - 31 missions
2012 - 47 missions
2013 - 34 missions
2014 - 38 missions
2015 - 23 missions
2016 - 19 missions
2017 - 26 missions
2018 - 18 missions
2019 - 17 missions
2020- 11 missions
2021 - 17 missions

Date County Mission Age / Sex Description Results
4/24/20 Linn Missing 40/M Hiker separated from his group camping at Ann Lake and got lost Found Safe
5/20/20 Linn Rescue 30/M High angle rescue from Tamolitch Falls (Blue Pool) Rescued
7/15/20 Linn Recovery 19/M Rocks gave way and caused him to fall hundreds of feet. Deceased
8/1/20 Jefferson Recovery 65/M Climber fell while climbing Mt. Jefferson Deceased
8/26/20 Benton Missing 16/F Search for missing person Ava Carey. Located
9/08/20 Linn Assistance N/A Provided assistance to Linn County Fairgrounds for wildfire evacuees Complete
9/16/20 Linn Detection N/A HRD dogs sent to Santiam Canyon to search Complete
11/03/20 Clackamas Missing   Search at Horse Head Falls Complete
11/19/20 Lane Missing 30/M Hunter lost in the woods, rescued by MPSAR Rescued
12/07/20 Benton Missing 82/F Strolled away with her walker from assistant living facility, found 2 hrs later Deceased
12/08/20 Polk Recovery 62/F Fell down embankment while mushroom picking and drowned in the river. Recovered
01/09/21 Marion Missing 28/M Missing hunter Rescued
01/29/21 Benton Missing 31/M Drove up to Marys Peak and slid off the road Rescued
01/29/21 Marion Runaway 6/F Got in trouble and kicked out the bedroom window to escape. Found Safe
03/16/21 Benton Rescue N/A Two hikers on top of Marys Peak stuck in ice. Rescued
04/03/21 Benton Evidence N/A Murder by shooting at Days Inn evidence search Searched
04/06/21 Benton Lost UNK Person lost in the woods, walked out on his own. Found
04/27/21 Benton Search N/A ELT going off and located it to turn off at the airport Complete
05/11/21 Yamhill Search 73/M Separated from family members looking for forest products. Found 
07/07/21 Benton Search 22/M 22 year old with a cognitive ability of an 8-10 yr old.  Found him in a back yard in Eugene where he walked to from Corvallis. Found Safe
7/24/21 Benton Evidence N/A Search the site of a murder victim on Marys Peak. N/A


Linn Missing Person 33/M Missing climber on Mt Jefferson who fell 1000 ft while descending. Resources exhausted and risk of continuing would jeopardize additional lives. Suspended
8/10/21 Benton Evidence N/A Search in Blodget for murder weapon, etc. N/A
8/18/21 Benton Evidence N/A Search on Marys Peak for murder weapon, etc. Found
9/23/21 Benton Missing 15/M Autistic male walked away from school into some woods. Found
10/16/21 Linn Rescue 23/M Climber stuck on Wolf Rock Rescued
10/21/21 Benton Search 67/M Hiker couldn't find his way out of the forest Rescued
10/29/21 Benton Search 80/F Lost while mushroom picking, Stayed in place overnight and walked out an found campground at daylight. Self-Rescued


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Search and Rescue (SAR) is an all volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to providing search and rescue assistance for people who are lost, missing or injured out of doors.

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