SAR Missions

2011 - 31 missions
2012 - 47 missions
2013 - 34 missions
2014 - 38 missions
2015 - 23 missions
2016 - 19 missions
2017 - 26 missions
2018 - 18 missions
2019 - 17 missions
2020- 11 missions
2021 - 17 missions

Date County Mission Age / Sex Description Results
01/21/22 Linn Search N/A R3K9 Assist human remains detection in cold case N/A
01/29/22 Lincoln Search N/A R3K9 Assist missing person cold case assist N/A
02/26/22 Polk Search 22/M R3K9 Assist for missing person Found
03/07/22 Hood River Search N/A CMRU Assist two climbers on Mt. Hood. One climber rescued, one deceased and unable to recover, resources exhausted and risk of continuing would jeopardize lives



03/31/22 Polk Search N/A R3K9 Assist Possible person in distress Unfounded
04/04/22 Linn Search N/A R3K9 Assist Missing person with Autism Found Safe
04/06/22 Hood River Search 30y/o CMRU Assist Missing skier on Mt. Hood N/A
04/19/22 Linn Search M R3K9 Assist Missing male NE of Sweet Home Found
04/23/22 Marion Search 32/F R3K9 Assist Missing female Found


Search 26/M, 23/F Two missing kayakers on the Long Tom River, South of Monroe Recovered
05/05/22 Polk Search 15/F R3K9 Assist Missing female walked away from home Found Safe
05/25/22 Polk Search M R3K9 Assist Missing suicidal male W of Monmouth Found Safe
07/17/22 Linn Search 26/M R3K9 Assist Missing and endangered male with disabilities Found Safe
08/06/22 Benton Search 21/M Missing mountain biker Marys Peak Found Safe
08/07/22 Benton Search N/A Evidence Search  N/A
08/09/22 Benton Recovery N/A Recovery at Coffin Butte Landfill Recovered
08/21/22 Marion Search 70/F R3K9 Assist Missing female with dementia Found Safe
09/07/22 Benton Search 67/F Missing female with dementia Found Safe
09/22/22 Lincoln Evidence N/A R3K9 Assist in evidence search for cold case N/A
10/03/22 Lane Search 72/M Overdue hunter near Oakridge Found Safe
10/06/22 Marion Rescue M CMRU assist Fallen US Forest Service worker Marion County Rescued
10/16/22 Linn Rescue 2 subjects CMRU assist stuck climbers (2) on Wolf Rock Rescued
10/17/22 Benton Search 67/M Missing hunter Found Safe
11/01/22 Linn Search 54/F Missing woman near Tombstone Pass.  N/A
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Search and Rescue (SAR) is an all volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to providing search and rescue assistance for people who are lost, missing or injured out of doors.

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