Social Media Posting Policy

The Benton County Sheriff's Office maintains social media accounts so that you can find news stories, videos, photos, and other information about your Sheriff's Office. While these accounts are an open forum where you can comment on the content, we ask that you follow our posting guidelines to ensure a positive experience for all viewers. Your message may be removed if you do not follow these guidelines:

  • No profane, obscene, explicit, racial, or graphic comments, submissions or links. We do not allow comments that are abusive, hateful, or potentially defamatory.
  • No solicitations or advertisements. This includes promotion or endorsement of any financial, commercial, or non-governmental agency.
  • No conduct or encouragement of illegal activity.
  • No information that may tend to compromise the safety or security of our employees, the public, or public systems.
  • No comments or links that are not typically related to the particular social media article being commented upon.

Participation on our social media accounts is at your own risk. You take personal responsibility for your comments, your username, and any information provided.

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