Street Crimes

Street Drugs

The Benton County Sheriff's Office (BCSO) and the Corvallis Police Department (CPD) are partners in a Street Crimes Unit that focuses on street crime investigations. Established in 2005, two BCSO detectives and two CPD detectives work together to address a number of specific crimes that occur throughout Benton County. The detectives are supervised by their respective agencies, but work collaboratively.

The goal of the Street Crimes Unit is to:

  • reduce street level drug sales and possession
  • reduce the number of street assaults and person crimes
  • reduce the number of thefts from vehicles
  • reduce the incidents of thefts
  • reduce the impact of vandalism on the community
  • educate the community on crime prevention and drug-related offenses
  • reduce the impact of street crime call-load on regular patrol and detective units
  • enhance community livability and overall community safety

The Street Crimes Unit uses crime analysis and intelligence gathering to identify patterns, trends, modus operandi, and suspects. They conduct initial or follow-up investigations of street-level crimes and use actionable intelligence to conduct surveillance operations to apprehend targeted violators.