Virtual Jail Statistics

The Virtual Jail is a statistical system we use to track the number of individuals who normally would be held in the Benton County Jail, but who have been released due to a lack of bed space.

A pdf version of the Virtual Jail Statistics can be found in “Supporting Documents” below. This chart shows data over several years.  “ADP” on the chart stands for Average Daily Population. “High” represents the highest adult in custody population count for that month.

Keep in mind that these numbers only represent those who would have been held but were released due to a lack of space. This does not take into account how our Jail population would be affected by other variables in the Justice System. For example, how the Courts, Parole & Probation, and Law Enforcement would adjust their processes if additional jail space existed.  

The data in the Virtual Jail Statistics is an attempt to give us an informed estimate of the number of jail beds needed and what our numbers would look like if more space was available.