Your Benton County Jail

Benton County Jail

By Oregon State law, the Sheriff’s Office must maintain a county jail.

The Benton County Jail is located next to the historic Benton County Courthouse in downtown Corvallis. It was built in 1976 and is approximately 8,000 square feet in size.

Originally designed to house 27 inmates, it has been remodeled over the years to increase capacity to 40 beds. However, we cannot actually fit 40 inmates into the Jail because not all inmates can be housed together.  By statute, men and women are to be housed separately, inmates are to be segregated due to the nature of their crime, and those with mental or behavioral issues are also to be separated. As a result, the Jail is “at capacity” when we are housing an average of 28 to 34 inmates.

Over the years, the Sheriff’s Office has creatively managed jail capacity. We do that by renting jail beds in other facilities, releasing inmates early, and closing the jail to new arrestees. Our Virtual Jail Statistics show how many individuals would normally be held in the Benton County Jail but have been released due to lack of bed space.

Benton County Jail

Take a virtual tour of the Benton County Jail through this photo display.

Virtual jail beds - how many do we need?

The Virtual Jail is a statistical system used to track the number of individuals who normally would be held in the Benton County Jail but who have been released due to a lack of bed space.

Benton County Jail

The Benton County Jail does not have enough capacity to hold all offenders who have been ordered to be held in custody. To address this, we rent 40 jail beds in other facilities.

Some offenders must be released early to make way for new arrestees.

In order to manage capacity at the Benton County Jail, inmates are released early to make room for incoming arrestees.

Jail intake.

The Benton County Jail has two holding cells and two waiting rooms. When these rooms are full, the Jail is closed to new arrests.