STIF Committee Members

The STIF Advisory Committee is comprised of 7 members, each with a three term, two successive terms if appointed by the Board,  July 1 - June 30.  In addition there are 4 staff support.  Following is a list of current members and staff support.


Member Name Representative Interest
Hal Brauner (Chair) Advocate
Meredith Williams (Vice-Chair) Oregon State University
Linda Modrell Advocate
Janeece Cook Advocate
Greg Gescher City of Corvallis
Pat Hare City of Adair Village
-Vacant- ---



Gary Stockhoff, Benton County
Nick Meltzer, OCWCOG


Lisa Scherf, Transportation Services Supervisor - 541-754-1759,
Brad Dillingham, Special and Rural Transportation Coordinator - 541-754-1748,
Tiffany Plemmons, Transit Program Assistant - 541-766-6772,

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