TSP Stakeholders & Advisors

Technical Advisory Committee

The purpose of a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is to support the PMT by providing technical expertise and guidance to the project. The TAC is intended to be a small group comprised of various representatives of state and local agencies that will meet periodically to provide regulatory reviews of work products. This includes a review of assumptions and methodologies for analysis, and coordination of the TSP update with adopted plans and ongoing planning projects.

The Technical Advisory Committee includes the following representatives:

  • Adam Steele, City of Corvallis
  • Ron Irish, City of Albany
  • Pat Hare, City of Adair Village
  • Chris Workman, City of Philomath
  • Rick Hohnbaum, City of Monroe 
  • Greg Ridler, Emergency Management
  • Lee Lazaro, Transit
  • Tarah Campi, Albany Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • Ali Bonakdar, Corvallis Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • James Feldmann, Oregon Department of Transportation
  • David Helton, Oregon Department of Transportation

Stakeholder Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) is to convene representatives of groups that may review policy issues and provide guidance to the project through a stakeholder lens. As with the TAC, the SAC will meet to review key deficiencies and proposed solutions, public involvement efforts, and coordination with adopted plans and ongoing planning projects.

The current Stakeholder Advisory Committee includes the following representatives:

  • Jennifer Beathe, Starker Forests
  • Chuck Kratch, Benton County Roads Advisory Committee
  • Bob Durst, Benton County Bicycle Advisory Committee
  • Mac Gillespie, County Health Department
  • Bret Davis, Republic Services
  • Mary Marsh-King, Special Transportation Advisory Committee
  • Kim Patten, Corvallis School District
  • Jim Swinyard, 2040 Group Member
  • Sean McGuire, Benton County Sustainability Coordinator
  • Floyd Collins, North Albany
  • Kelly Weist, Alsea
  • Joe Whinnery, Wren/Blodgett/Hoskins/Summit 
  • John Greydanus, South Benton County 
  • Rebecca Houghtaling, Oregon State University